I have no idea where to write anymore. My personal tumblr? Private tumblr? Personal twitter? Private twitter? Shared tumblr? Notes app? Google docs app?

there is a lot of truth to this

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World’s Most Expensive Photograph

Andreas Gursky’s work, Rhein II, sold at Christie’s for $4,338,500, making it the world’s most expensive photograph.

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Everyone should give this a go


Here’s a transparent Falcon Pawnch for you to give to your friends!

Drag this across your dash and act like your Falcon Punching everything on your computer.

My goto for Melee and Brawl

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Do you ever think about how small we all are? If not, look up to the heavens and imagine the stars.

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stairway to heaven? by (Mr Sugden)

*mumbles stairway to heaven as if I know the lyrics perfectly*

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After finishing high school, I’m always going to feel as though I didn’t do enough. There are so many conversations I wish I had with people.


I spent all my life people watching to answer the question of why do people do what they do. It’s made me a cynical person inadvertently


Asking why will make you wiser